You know those Tonka Trucks you played with as a kid? Now you can play on the real thing! Come visit us and borrow our equipment to dig a hole, stack giant tires, even push around a car with a bulldozer!

What to expect


Ages 12 and up, $149.  For a limited time, book an adventure with one of our partners and get the AK Metal Rodeo experience for just $99.

Make your reservation for an ATV Tour, Zipline or Glacier trip and you’ll get a discount code to use for your AK Metal Rodeo.


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Play on a bulldozer!

Dig a big hole, move a load through an obstacle course and other simulated real-life jobs just like the folks that do it everyday here in the Last Frontier.  You can even crush a car!

No experience needed.  After a brief lesson you’ll be on your own to accomplish your “job”. Then show off your skills in the AK Metal Rodeo and see how you stack up against other visitors and professionals. Regularly $149 for a 1-1/2 hour experience, but book another adventure and try the AK Metal Rodeo for $99. 

Minimum age 12 years.  Got younger kids?  With each paying participant we’ll let one child at least 5 years old hop on one of our machines for a 5 minute photo opportunity and they can even try it out!

This activity is operated by our friends at AK Metal Rodeo

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