Join us for an exciting adventure in “real” Alaska, just a scenic two-hour drive from Anchorage.  Take a ride on the longest zipline within 800 miles and the fastest in Alaska!  Explore the secret trails of Glacier View on an ATV Tour.

Then, discover the blue ice of the Matanuska Glacier.  Glacier View is a great place to day trip or spend the night!

Use the discount code AKZIPFAST to save 25% on your Extreme Zip Adventure.  

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Two. Big. Zips.

Extreme Zip Adventure

Includes the fastest zipline in Alaska, the G2!
Use code AKZIPFAST to save 25% on our two huge ziplines!
Play on a bulldozer

AK Metal Rodeo

You know those Tonka Trucks you played with as a kid? Now you can play on the real thing! Come visit us and borrow our equipment to dig a hole, stack giant tires, even push around a car with a bulldozer!
4 Wheeling Fun!

ATV Tour

Explore the trails of beautiful Glacier View on this ATV tour.

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